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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Trimble Outdoors Elite, The Next Generation of Outdoor Adventuring

The future is now for outdoor enthusiasts.

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Trimble Outdoors Elite, a program that will allow you to explore like never before with the latest mobile apps, web tools and good ol' fashioned paper maps. And more, much more.

Elite is a best-in-class collection of detailed maps, tools and features that integrate our mobile apps, website and traditional paper maps to form a comprehensive and essential outdoor experience. From trip planning to navigation on the trail to post-trip posting and sharing, Elite has you covered and then some.

So what exactly are these cool features?

Digital Map Bundles

When you are out in the field, you want detailed maps ready and waiting for you. With our new Digital Map Bundles, you are covered.

Whether you are looking for your favorite national park, county or even an entire state, you can now download detailed topograhic maps and then transfer them onto your mobile device through our Trimble Outdoors Navigator (iPhone/Android) and MyTopo Maps (iPad/Kindle Fire/Android tablet) apps.

Browse the Digital Map Store to view your favorite places.

Trip Planner

Before you step foot on the trail, it's best to do your research. Trip Planner is the easiest way to plan a trip, print maps, and share trip details with friends.

Start by viewing locations on 10 types of detailed maps, then draw routes, mark waypoints, measure distance, upload/downloads .GPX coordinates and much more. Learn More

Public Lands

With so many different lands types, it can often be difficult to keep track if you are where you are supposed to—or allowed—to be. Those concerns are a thing of the past when you use the Public Lands overlays.

Public Lands allows you to view nine vital land boundaries types from 46 states onto your topo, aerial or street maps.

Choose from public lands, monuments, national forests, national wildlife refuges, national parks, state lands, military land, Bureau of Reclamation land, Indian reservations and private lands. Learn More

Weather Maps

Jacket or sunscreen? Shorts or a raincoat?

Always be aware of the current and upcoming conditions of your outdoor adventure with our Weather Maps tool.

Overlay real time weather data onto your maps such as Doppler radar, wind temperature and speed, and ocean temperatures. Learn More

Offline Maps

Most of your adventures will be taken you off the beaten path and into areas in which cellular or data signals are hard to find, if at all.

But with an Elite membership, it won't matter. You can create custom map packs of the areas you will be traveling, including the map types and zoom level you prefer. As your phone's GPS works independently of cell or data signals, you'll be able to view your location on your detailed maps. Pretty cool.

In addition to these major features, the Elite program also offers members discount on custom printed maps from MyTopo.com, additional map coordinates in the mobile apps as well as other benefits.

Here's the best part. Try it now for 14 days for FREE.

Yep, two weeks worth of Elite is on us. Just click the button below to get started and learn more about how you can take your outdoor adventures to an Elite level.

Friday, December 14, 2012

An Elite Holiday Gift for Your Outdoor Enthusiast

Need a last-minute gift for the outdoorsy person on your list? Worry no more, as Trimble Outdoors is here to help.

Give them a Trimble Outdoors Elite membership. Elite is a best-in-class collection of detailed outdoor maps and navigation tools that integrate with our free mobile apps and TrimbleOutdoors.com website. In addition, Elite members get 20% off all custom paper maps ordered.

With a Trimble Outdoors Elite membership, your gift recipient gets:

 Free Apps: Download Trimble Outdoors Navigator (iPhone, Android) and MyTopo Maps (iPad, Kindle Fire, Android tablets). Elite members get full access to all the Pro features in these apps for free. 
 Digital Map Bundles: Download detailed topo maps of their favorite state, county or national park and transfer them to their phone or tablet.

 Trip Planner: Plan their next adventure with our powerful online tools.

 Public Lands: Get land boundaries for National Parks, US Forest Service, and BLM lands in 46 states.

 Weather Maps: Overlay detailed weather condition data onto the maps.

 Offline Maps: Save maps onto their device in our apps for viewing without needing a data signal.

 Printed Maps: Save 20% on all custom MyTopo printed topo maps.
A one-year membership is only $29.99, so be sure to make this a this an Elite holiday with the perfect gift.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Catch 'The Last of the Great Unknown' at Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival

Throughout the summer, film festivals around the United States have been exploring new frontiers with The Last of the Great Unknown. We're thrilled to announce that the tour will continue into the fall.

The film has been selected for inclusion in the 2012 Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival. The festival began back in 2003 as a showcase for the top outdoors adventure documentary films, and over the years has grown into one of the premier destinations for the genre. This year's festival will take place from October 10th-14th. All screenings will be held at the Orpheum Theatre in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The Last of the Great Unknown is the story of Rich Rudow—Trimble Outdoors general manager and world renowned canyoneer—and his team trekking through the slot canyons found in the Grand Canyon. These dangerous expeditions require expert skills in backpacking, packrafting, rappeling, anchor building, and off-trail navigation. The action is intense and the sights are breathtaking.

We really encourage you to head out to this great event and watch The Last of the Great Unknown and all of the other fantastic films that will be screened.

For more information on The Last of the Great Unknown, including a trailer, head over to http://www.lastofthegreatunknown.com/.

To learn more about the 2012 Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, click here.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Important Updates to Our Maps

New Maps Added & Changes to Offline Maps
Recent changes to our content licenses have forced us to switch some map sources within our free and paid apps. As a result, starting this week, we will be releasing map updates to all of our Android and iOS apps. 
We have worked closely with our content providers so that our customers can continue to view worldwide street maps, worldwide hybrid maps, and worldwide aerial images. In addition, we added two new map types to our Free and Pro Apps: Open Street Maps (OSM) and Open Cycle Maps (OCM).
The biggest of these changes deal with Bing Maps. The sticky point with map providers comes down to what maps can be stored for offline use on your smartphone or tablet. Due to the complex deals with other map and imagery providers, Bing Maps no longer allows us to cache their Street, Terrain, and Hybrid maps in our Pro apps.
That’s why we have added new map sources by OSM, OCM, meaning you can still store important map types on your devices. 

In addition, you may continue to cache worldwide Bing aerial images with no additional cost past down to you as a customer. This is huge. Very few outdoor apps allow any aerial imagery to be stored on a device. This continues our mission to provide you with the best-in-class outdoor maps for your smartphone and tablet devices.
There are no changes to our topo maps, which are provided by our sister company MyTopo. 
We know that’s a lot to chew on. The chart below outlines the changes and what maps can be viewed and cached on the device. Got questions? Post them here.

Map Type
What maps can be cached and saved in the Pro apps?
What maps are viewable in Free and Pro Apps?
Streets – OSM
Streets - Bing

Hybrid – Bing

Terrain - OCM
Aerial (Worldwide) – Bing
MyTopo X X

Lastly, many people ask us why we don’t use Google Maps in our apps and the simple answer is: Google doesn’t allow third-party apps to save maps on a mobile or tablet device. Since many of our customers venture into remote areas with spotty cell coverage or no cell coverage, we strongly feel that our apps must be able to store maps on the device, so you can go anywhere and still have your maps with you. 

Attention Pro Users: Once you download the latest app release, the app will ask you to migrate you map packs. We encourage you to do this when you have a strong WiFi connection and to re-download your map packs onto your device. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Map Your Next Adventure: Custom Topo Maps for Hiking, Backpacking, Hunting

Every great trip starts with a map. Now, you can create custom printed maps at trimbleoutdoors.com via our sister company MyTopo. These high-quality printed maps match the topographical maps you see in our mobile apps. So now there's a map to go with your mobile app. Here's how to create a custom map for your next outdoor outing. Learn how to save 20% on your next printed map purchase as well.

1. Open an account at trimbleoutdoors.com.
2. Go to trimbleoutdoors.com/PostATrip. Start a new trip or import a gpx file (gpx is a generic and standardized format to share GPS data).
3. Name your trip. Add description. Hit save and go to Map Editor.
4. Zoom in on your trip location, then plot waypoints and draw tracks.
5. When your personal overlays are done, save trip. On the view trip page, click "Print MyTopo" under Map Tools, which leads you to MyTopo.com (our sister site).
6. Pick your waypoint style and track color (we prefer red since it pops most maps).
7. Choose the map type (topo, color aerial, hybrid topo-photo, b&w aerial photo)
8. Select your map size (up to 5' x 8') and scale (down to 1:10K). The red box shows the printed map's edges. Move the box to your desired location.
9. Choose what type of paper you want (waterproof, glossy, laminated).
10. Name your map, pick a grid overlay, and decide if you want hill-shading.
11. Preview the map. Then add to cart.
12. If your route requires more than one topo, repeat steps 5-11 to build other maps.
13. Follow the checkout process. Allow a few days for delivery.


As example, here's a screenshot of a map we created for one of our favorite backpacking loops in Grand Canyon National Park.

Friday, January 27, 2012

MyTopo Maps: How To Plan Your Next Outdoor Adventure On Your iPad

With some vacation time coming up, you sit on your comfortable couch and ponder some of the possible destinations. After some deliberation, you decide to head to the beautiful Trinity Alps in northern California for a hiking and camping adventure.

Now that you know where you're going, it's time to plan your trip, which means it's time to grab your iPad and open the Trimble Outdoors MyTopo Maps app.

Once you've launched the app, select the Search from the Tools button in the lower right hand corner.

From the Search bar, you can find over 10-million locations from around the world. Type in your destination and select it from the results. You can change the map types at any time by using the Layers button along the bottom bar.

Now it's time to drop waypoints. Simply drag and drop from the bottom bar to note locations such as your campsite, a trailhead, viewpoint or peak. Once you drop a point, you can edit the name and add any pertinent notes that you wish.

Once completed, it's time to save the trip and send it to the Trimble Outdoors Trip Cloud. Select My Trips in the upper-left corner. This screen will provide several options. You can view and edit the waypoints, delete the trip or fit the screen to the geographic extents of the trip. Tapping Edit will allow you to edit the trip name and add notes. Once the trip is ready, tap on Sync. This sends the trip to the Trip Cloud, which means...

...that whether you are on your iPad, TrimbleOutdoors.com or out on the trial using Trimble Outdoors Navigator on your iPhone or Android device, the trip's data will be there.

When you are out in the Trinity Alps, launch Navigator and select My Trips, then your pre-planned trip and finally Use as Guide. Your are all set to enjoy the wild and have a fantastic outdoor adventure.

For more a detailed tutorial of how to use Trimble Outdoors Navigator for accurate navigation while on the trail, click here.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Trimble Outdoors Navigator: How to Navigate to a Waypoint on Your Phone

You are out on the trail in the beautiful Trinity Alps, located within the Klamath National Forest in northern California. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, you set up camp along Emerald Lake, one of the many alpine lakes in the area.

The next morning you embark on a hike to view many of these amazing lakes. You gather your gear and then launch the Trimble Outdoors Navigator app iPhone or Android device, which means that your trip is off to a great start. You mark your campsite with a waypoint and set off on your adventure.

After a great hike and some off-trail travel, you arrive at a snowfield above Mirror Lake and take in this awesome view:
Sliding your way to Mirror Lake
But now it's time to head back to camp. But during the hike you got a little turned around and aren't sure of which way to go...

Thankfully, you read this blog post so you know that navigation to any point on your outdoor adventure is extremely simple with Trimble Outdoors Navigator.

There a few ways you can do this.

First, go to the Map screen to view your trip and tap on the "Camp" waypoint you marked earlier. Then tap on the blue arrow, select Goto Waypoint, which then sets the point as your destination. A straight-as-the-crow-flies line will be drawn on the Map screen from your current location (the blue dot) to your goto waypoint (Camp).

You can also select Goto from either the Map or the Compass screens. This will bring up a list of every point that has been marked on your trip and simply select the one that you want as your destination.
The Goto screen
You're now ready to navigate. Go to the home screen and select Compass. You will see a compass directing you towards your camp, including the distance, bearing and your current position. Now it's simply a matter of conquering the alps between you and your campsite.
Now you're navigating like a pro
Pretty soon, you'll have arrived. Now it's on to the next point on your journey. Happy trails!
Welcome back to camp
Check out the the full trip to Emerald Lake, as assembled by Backpacker Magazine.

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