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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Trimble Outdoors Elite, The Next Generation of Outdoor Adventuring

The future is now for outdoor enthusiasts.

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Trimble Outdoors Elite, a program that will allow you to explore like never before with the latest mobile apps, web tools and good ol' fashioned paper maps. And more, much more.

Elite is a best-in-class collection of detailed maps, tools and features that integrate our mobile apps, website and traditional paper maps to form a comprehensive and essential outdoor experience. From trip planning to navigation on the trail to post-trip posting and sharing, Elite has you covered and then some.

So what exactly are these cool features?

Digital Map Bundles

When you are out in the field, you want detailed maps ready and waiting for you. With our new Digital Map Bundles, you are covered.

Whether you are looking for your favorite national park, county or even an entire state, you can now download detailed topograhic maps and then transfer them onto your mobile device through our Trimble Outdoors Navigator (iPhone/Android) and MyTopo Maps (iPad/Kindle Fire/Android tablet) apps.

Browse the Digital Map Store to view your favorite places.

Trip Planner

Before you step foot on the trail, it's best to do your research. Trip Planner is the easiest way to plan a trip, print maps, and share trip details with friends.

Start by viewing locations on 10 types of detailed maps, then draw routes, mark waypoints, measure distance, upload/downloads .GPX coordinates and much more. Learn More

Public Lands

With so many different lands types, it can often be difficult to keep track if you are where you are supposed to—or allowed—to be. Those concerns are a thing of the past when you use the Public Lands overlays.

Public Lands allows you to view nine vital land boundaries types from 46 states onto your topo, aerial or street maps.

Choose from public lands, monuments, national forests, national wildlife refuges, national parks, state lands, military land, Bureau of Reclamation land, Indian reservations and private lands. Learn More

Weather Maps

Jacket or sunscreen? Shorts or a raincoat?

Always be aware of the current and upcoming conditions of your outdoor adventure with our Weather Maps tool.

Overlay real time weather data onto your maps such as Doppler radar, wind temperature and speed, and ocean temperatures. Learn More

Offline Maps

Most of your adventures will be taken you off the beaten path and into areas in which cellular or data signals are hard to find, if at all.

But with an Elite membership, it won't matter. You can create custom map packs of the areas you will be traveling, including the map types and zoom level you prefer. As your phone's GPS works independently of cell or data signals, you'll be able to view your location on your detailed maps. Pretty cool.

In addition to these major features, the Elite program also offers members discount on custom printed maps from MyTopo.com, additional map coordinates in the mobile apps as well as other benefits.

Here's the best part. Try it now for 14 days for FREE.

Yep, two weeks worth of Elite is on us. Just click the button below to get started and learn more about how you can take your outdoor adventures to an Elite level.


  1. Trimble Elite sucks. Thanks for crippling all the features I already paid for in the full app and charging me 6x as much a year so I can use the app the same way I had been using it.

    1. It was harsh to say that Trimble Elite sucks. It has good features but I didn't want to pay more just to get my old features. Sorry guys, I was upset that I had to pay more to get back old functionality. I haven't paid for Trimble Elite but I do miss the features I used to have.


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